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Porcelain and Granite

For something really special choose a porcelain or granite path or driveway. We are specialists in all types of paving for pathways, patios and driveways and for many porcelain or granite is their first choice. They look good and are highly durable, but before you decide consider all the advantages and downsides of choosing these types of materials.

Porcelain and Granite


Porcelain can be the perfect material, providing everything you could want from an outdoor tile. Durable, low-maintenance and aesthetically stunning, porcelain paving might tick all the right boxes for you.

Slip resistance during wet conditions might be a problem. Porcelain pavers can be a highly slip resistant, but this is very much dependent the right texture. A smooth, polished tile will naturally be a lot more slippery than a textured paving slab. If you are concerned about this, we can advise you.

As you might expect, Porcelain paving is generally more expensive than concrete slabs, but is competitive against the top end stone. The low maintenance and long-lasting nature of porcelain paving makes it very cost effective over a long-term period.

Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite. It is also scratch resistant.


The more traditional types of patio slabs are made from natural stone materials, such as granite, limestone and sandstone, and these are generally a great mid-range price option.

Granite has a high quartz content but can be very slippery in wet conditions and we usually make our customers aware in advance that this might be a potential problem.

Granite in common with all-natural stone products, will need to be sealed. Sealing your granite will help prevent staining, as it will repel any oil or water-based substances. This is an automatic part of our service.

As already mentioned Porcelain is considerably stronger than granite and if slip resistance is a potential problem then we would advise against the use of granite.