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Open Plan Rooms

If you are planning to change the interior look of your home to embrace open plan living then our team will be pleased to advise you as to the best way forward. Our service includes the full package even down to final decorating.

Open Plan Rooms

Changing your home in this way doesn’t add any more physical space within your property, but does result in a sense of increased spaciousness—more light and fewer barriers within the home.

An open plan layout is also universal, and so will always increase the resale value of your property. Typically for an open plan kitchen, living and dining area to feel spacious and for

each space to function well in its own right, you should allow a minimum of 35 square metres.

We will ensure that your home meets these criteria before delivering the open space you are looking for. That might also include the option of an extension. (Please see other areas of this website)