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Decking and Landscaping

At TJW Projects we always try to give our customers the best advice to allow them to make informed decisions. In simple terms, when choosing between decking or paving, decking materials tend to be more affordable than paving.

Hardwood decking is the best and has been known to last over 40 years, although pressure treated softwood can last just as long if it’s treated well. Left untreated, softwood decking can last between 10 to 15 years, so over time hardwood can be a more economical material.

Although softwood decking is undoubtedly a less expensive solution, if you are investing in decking for the long term then hardwood will prove more economical long term.

Decking doesn’t need to be built on a flat surface. In fact, large tree roots and uneven surfaces can be easily overcome, since decking is built above the ground. If your home is built on uneven ground, or you have a dynamic landscape in your garden, a deck would be a better option.

Most TJW customers look to build a deck as part of a larger garden landscaping project. Our team can deliver the total package including re-turfing, providing planters, raised border and much more as part of a wider design. Each contract is bespoke so let’s talk and let us deliver your dream garden.