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Fabrick’s team consists of creative designers, branding experts, website developers, former editors and journalists, strategic consultants, researchers, content creators, social media enthusiasts; the list goes on!  Our clients love their personalities, passion, dedication, friendly approach, and most importantly, their ability to create and deliver first-class marketing and content campaigns.

Want to know more? Come and discover the faces behind Fabrick.

David Ing, Managing Director, Fabrick

David Ing

Managing Director

David is an experienced construction and property marketing, PR and communications specialist.  He has built numerous brands through his strategic, creative and PR skills, managed many a crisis, and his connections are seriously impressive! David is a trusted industry advocate.

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Colin Felton, CEO, Fabrick

Colin Felton


Colin founded Fabrick having built a successful PR career on Fleet Street. He has marketed hundreds of construction businesses and knows how to turn a brand into an industry leader. His industry knowledge is immense and he can write a press release faster than anyone we know!

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Amelia Spence, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Amelia Spence

Account Director

Amelia is construction’s Young Marketer of the Year 2020! She thrives on simultaneously managing the delivery of multiple marketing and content strategies, digital and creative campaigns and is quick to identify PR opportunities! Her enthusiasm is seriously infectious.

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Sarah Hollett, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Sarah Hollett-Russell

Account Director

Sarah’s friendly approach, super organisational skills, and experience in delivering multichannel projects on time, are just some of the reasons why her clients love her.  You can trust she will deliver your project professionally and with 100% enthusiasm.

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Darren Laws, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Darren Laws

Senior Account Manager

Darren knows how to identify a good PR story and how to get it noticed - he has achieved global success! He loves the variety agency life brings and has extensive experience in supporting clients meet their objectives through marketing and PR.

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Natasha Wills, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Natasha Wills

Senior Account Manager

Natasha’s clients love her for a reason!  She is extremely thorough in her work and, with her friendly and calm approach, she easily delivers complex projects on time and to budget; often making the impossible possible.  Natasha continues to be a valued member of Fabrick.

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Sian Fulton, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Sian Fulton

Senior Account Manager

Sian ticks all the boxes for the skills needed to ensure her UK and international construction and property clients’ marketing objectives are being met.  She is calm when being asked to meet a crazy deadline, has great attention to detail and never lets a client go over budget! 

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Tracey Lawrence, Senior Account Manager, Fabrick

Tracey Lawrence

Senior Account Manager

Tracey prides herself on doing a great job and is constantly coming up with ideas for her clients’ marketing, PR and content campaigns.  She leaves no stone unturned and has built fantastic relationships with the construction press.

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Becs Hewitt, Fabrick

Becs Hewitt

Senior Account Manager

Becs is an experienced, consistent and dedicated Senior Account Manager who we’re thrilled to be part of the team. Her calm manner means very little fazes her and clients feel they’re in safe hands – a combination very much welcomed by all.

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Josie Gray, Fabrick Account Manager

Josie Gray

Account Manager

Josie is a great addition to the team. She is very personable and organised, she asks the right questions, and her bubbly personality is infectious – all good qualities needed for happy clients. If Josie is your assigned Account Manager you’re in good hands.

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Kate Aristides, Head of Digital Content, Fabrick

Kate Aristides

Head of Digital Content

Kate’s passion for digital content, her infectious personality and drive to deliver outstanding results are a winning combination with clients.  She uses her knowledge and experience of social, SEO and PPC to create strategies that align brands with target markets and audiences.

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Ella Acton, Social Media Executive, Fabrick

Ella Acton

Social Media Executive

Ella lives and breathes social media!  She works tirelessly on her client’s accounts, undertaking thorough research and writing posts that achieve great reach and engagement.  She is extremely helpful, thorough and supportive. We’re proud to have her on the team.

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James Threadingham, Social Media Executive, Fabrick

James Threadingham

Social Media Executive

James’ enthusiasm for social media and his desire to do a good job reflects in his work.  He’s always keen to help people expand their knowledge of social media and loves a challenge! James has delivered social training for clients and loves trying new ideas.

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Sean Ray, Fabrick's Digital Content Executive

Sean Ray

Digital Content Executive

Sean is an experienced creative and digital marketer who understands the importance of a strong online brand.  He uses his creative skills to produce engaging social copy and is helping put Fabrick’s clients firmly on the digital map. 

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Alex Clark, Fabrick

Alex Clark

Digital Content Creative Lead

Alex’s creative flair, digital and video marketing skills are a combination that guarantee to put a smile on clients faces. He loves to make an impact and strives to enhance brands with his work – we can’t wait to see what he does for Fabrick.

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Mike Summers, Digital Development Manager, Fabrick

Mike Summers

Digital Development Manager

Mike is a firm favourite with clients and colleagues as he has the rare ability of explaining the in-depth technical detail of digital development projects in an easy-to-understand manner.  His knowledge of website development, app creation and everything else digital is superb.

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Carl Wootten, Senior Front End Web Developer, Fabrick

Carl Wootten

Senior Front End Web Developer

Carl has the ability to make any website or app look fantastic!  He brings digital designs to life and delivers superb results.  He has outstanding attention to detail and ensures websites and apps are responsive, accessible for all and mobile-friendly.

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Darryl Hartley, Head Designer, Fabrick

Darryl Hartley

Head Designer

Darryl is a creative genius! He uses his exceptional design, illustration and animation skills to create bespoke visuals that your competitors will envy.  Darryl quickly grasps what a client wants and always delivers smiles when they see what he’s created.  

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Justin Kemp, Creative Designer, Fabrick

Justin Kemp

Creative Designer

Through Justin’s designs he has the power to bring ideas to life. He creates impactful advertising campaigns, innovative website designs; he transforms brands and produces marketing collateral that your customers won’t want to put down. His designs are engaging and brilliant.

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Simon Radcliffe, Senior Copywriter, Fabrick

Simon Radcliffe

Senior Copywriter

Writing white papers, technical features, blogs and more isn’t as easy as Simon makes it look.  Simon has great attention to detail and can communicate technical information in a way that won’t put people to sleep!  Time at the BBC means his interviewing techniques are superb!

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Andy Gray, Copywriter, Fabrick

Andy Gray


Andy has a real creative streak and regularly suggests copy ideas for client campaigns.  His enthusiasm is infectious and he loves doing voiceovers for videos.  Andy was a local journalist – we've forgiven him – so has a real talent for writing enticing and engaging copy.

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Alex Puckett, Junior Copywriter, Fabrick

Alex Puckett


Alex is a qualified journalist so she knows the right questions to ask to achieve great copy – which is a good job as some of our clients’ offerings can be complicated! She has great patience and her friendly approach means that speaking with Alex is like chatting with a friend.

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Adam Scillitoe, Fabrick Copywriter

Adam Scillitoe


Adam is an experienced copywriter with a journalistic background. His diligence, calm manner and superb writing skills are a big hit with everyone – as is his Fantasy Football website that clearly demonstrates his digital writing and SEO skillset! Welcome to the team Adam.

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Laura Garving, Marketing Manager, Fabrick

Laura Garving

Marketing & Communications Director

Laura has been a construction marketer for more years than she likes to admit! She has managed the branding, marketing and communications of a Tier 1 contractor, delivering many impactful campaigns, and is now working her marketing magic on Fabrick!

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Sue Purveur, Account Executive, Fabrick

Sue Purveur

Account Executive

When someone needs support with a client project they head straight towards Sue.  Her positive attitude, desire to help and friendly approach make her a firm favourite with both colleagues and clients.

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Graham Felton, Finance Director, Fabrick

Graham Felton

Finance Director

Graham is very much the oil that keeps the wheels turning at Fabrick and we love him for it. Managing a business’s finances can be a thankless task so when we see Graham smiling, we know that someone has paid their invoices!

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